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    Evolution Walker – A life changer

    Evolution Walker – A life changer

    I walked out of the airport, leaning heavily on my overused walker. The dull blue metal squeaked with every painful step I took and the wheels dragged heavily over the carpeted floor. The item that was supposed to make life easier for someone like me, was in fact, creating more agony. These thoughts carried me to the final door across which my son was waiting to receive me. The huge smile on his face drooped when he saw the derogatory condition of my walker, with its handles too low for me to effortlessly hold and the flaking paint. The rusting metal creaked and groaned under my weight and my son rushed to help me before I collapsed. The very next day, a new walker was ordered for me. Bright red and sparkly new, it helped me walk like never before. The wheels spun easily and the metal glided along seamlessly, without a hitch. Unlike my corroded old walker, this one has 4 wheels instead of 2 making it easier to walk around along with a padded backrest, a new feature to a seemingly simple device. Alongside these two amazing features, my new walker is easily foldable, creating a less of a nuisance for someone as old as me. The first time I tried it, I was expecting the same twinge of pain up my leg whenever I took a step, however I was in for a surprise. Not only does this walker look great with it’s bright colours, it also supports all my body weight and has a seat where I can sit if I get tired. In addition to all that, my walker is conveniently adjustable according to my height and easy to carry for it is lightweight. Now I can walk without anguish and my son doesn’t have to worry about me while I travel alone. The return flight home went by without a glitch and the walker helped me cover the big airports like it was nothing. What started off as a painful journey, ended happily with a beautiful, life changing walker.

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