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    Comfortable and soft!
    These booties are extremely comfortable and soft which I found the best part of this product. Feeling a lot better already and I can wear my shoes and walk without any pain
    Guest | 2/28/2017 1:53 PM
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    Best booties!
    Best product that I have tried in a while for my bunion pain. So soft and best part is that i can wear them inside my shoes and still walk comfortably. That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
    Guest | 4/28/2017 3:28 PM
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    Overall great website!
    This is my second time ordering with this website as usual, great overall experience. Loved the quality of products, their pricing and customer service.
    Guest | 5/5/2017 3:14 PM
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    These booties are such a gift for my painful bunions. Extremely soft and light, best is that I can wear them inside my shoes. Delivery was fast too.
    Guest | 5/9/2017 4:09 PM
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    Worth trying
    My big toe was moving inwards and these tiny little booties helped it to realign slowly and gradually. I am writing this review during my second purchase with them for the same product, this time for my sister. The service is impeccable and very polite and courteous staff. Will definitely recommend this website to others.
    Guest | 5/17/2017 4:35 PM
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    Website is good and easy, product is great. Good from start till the end. Yet to receive my product and I am hopeful that it will be delivered in time.
    Guest | 6/7/2017 3:47 PM
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    Best for bunion pain
    I have used so many different kind of products for my bunion pain but nothing was as helpful as these booties. These booties are quite comfortable and soft and I can wear them all day long. I wear them to work as well inside my shoes. This really is a solution to the painful bunions. I am hoping it will also straighten my toe in due course of time.
    Guest | 6/21/2017 2:47 PM
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    Soft and comfortable!
    Soft and Flexible! These booties are tender on  my feet and my bunions. Feeling better already. Customer Service was great too. A big Thank you!
    Guest | 7/4/2017 4:18 PM
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    Loyal and a satisfied customer
    This is my repeat purchase with them and this time for my sister. She loved my small little cute booties and wanted one pair for her bunions too. I placed the order online which went by like a breeze, Oh so easy ! She was in a hurry so I placed the 2 day shipping option. Also, this time i noticed an improvement. I could order a pair in 1 go. Last time I had to choose first right and then left one by one. This time they have added the option to order a pair in 1 click. All the more good :)
    I love this website and the people associated with it as they are so friendly and at the same time professional. Will definitely keep buying from them.
    Guest | 7/10/2017 3:34 PM
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    Good website
    The booties are nice and soft and the website is great too with some comparable prices across other Canadian websites. It is simple and easy too. Description of products is good and so is the product.
    Guest | 7/11/2017 4:29 PM
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    Best non surgical solution for bunions
    Bunions are always painful whether small or big and nobody likes a surgery no matter what. So this is where these small booties come in place. These are really effective in soothing the bunion pain and the best way to avoid a surgery.
    Guest | 7/18/2017 3:37 PM
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    Soft, comfortable booties
    My bunions hurt a lot and it also spoiled my gait. These booties were a recommendation by a friend and they really did work. Soft and soothing, easy to wear, light and improved my bunions and gait. I continue wearing them and hope that one day I will fully recover from these painful bunions.
    Guest | 7/24/2017 4:20 PM
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    Simple, easy and Quick
    I like this website due to the fact that they have a plethora of products, almost everything under one roof and it is pretty easy to order with them. The products are described well and are easy to search and navigate. You can place n order in few simple clicks. I previously purchased a walker for my husband and I was impressed that time as well. This time I ordered the booties for myself. The product was out of stock so it took little longer than expected to get delivered. But the good part was that jennifer kept me informed through mails about the back order and once the booties arrived, they express shipped my order without any extra charges. That was a good gesture and a reason why I will continue my purchases with them.
    Guest | 7/26/2017 2:37 PM
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    Soft and comfortable
    This indeed is the best union corrector I have tried so far. Walking in shoes was so painful with the bunion that it was becoming almost impossible to walk with my shoes on. These bunion booties are so soft and smooth that they do not create any pressure on the bunion and can be easily worn inside the shoes. Bunions is a common problem these days and if you too are suffering from one, these booties are highly recommended at this price
    Guest | 8/9/2017 2:32 PM
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    Will buy again
    I loved this product and the people behind this website. When you buy something online, the people associated with it are actually pretty much the face of the product that you are buying. In this case, the service team was simply wonderful from start till the end. I love what I bought and will definitely buy again
    Guest | 8/15/2017 3:15 PM
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    Loved them
    I love this cute little booties. They are soft and comfortable on my bunions and help me walk confidently and pain free inside my shoes. There are quite a few other products to help you with the bunion problem, but this I found the best; personally :)
    Guest | 9/6/2017 2:27 PM
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    Love the booties
    The product is great and so is the website. Easy to use and ordering is simple. I received my booties in time as promised and they are working great on my bunions. Thank you very much !
    Guest | 9/21/2017 3:15 PM
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    Best Bootie ever!
    I love the fact that this is a soft, flexible and super thin bootie that can be worn inside any shoe with comfort. Bunions are painful but these booties make the pain go away gradually.
    The ordering process was painless too and super easy. I received my product in 3 days which was quick and efficient, I will definitely buy more stuff from you guys when the need arises.
    Guest | 10/10/2017 3:58 PM
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    Will Re-order
    These booties are very soft and smooth and makes you feel comfortable in your feet. Really helps in relieving the bunion pain.
    The website is also easy and fast. Even if you are a layman, you can order it pretty quickly and easily.
    Everything from start till the end is smooth and easy. Thank you!
    Guest | 11/8/2017 3:16 PM
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    Placed my second order
    I like this bootie a lot. my old one has worn out and I need a new bootie now. So just placed my order and once again it went like a breeze.
    Looking forward to  speedy delivery.
    Guest | 12/14/2017 7:45 PM
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    Forgot my pain
    wonderful  booties, so easy to order. Order was received well in time and in great condition. Booties are soft and comfortable. Love wearing them.
    Guest | 5/7/2018 4:17 PM
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    Best Bunion Product
    This is the second one I've purchased and hope they always have these available.  Best product ever for bunion.  Great customer service and fast shipping.  Thank you!
    Guest | 5/23/2018 6:53 PM
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    Great product.
    this was the best choice I made for my bunions because it is so helpful and durable. I would recommend anyone suffering from bunions to purchase this and its affordable and lasts long. Shipping was fast and not so expensive.
    sumeet | 5/2/2019 1:50 PM
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    I've tried several products but this one was the last one and this has been the best. My doctor suggested it and it has worked wonders for my bunion pain. the size I ordered was just right for my right foot and left both and the product arrived within a week from bc to Ontario.
    Guest | 5/30/2019 11:36 AM
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    I recommend this to everyone
    This product has worked wonders for my bunion.. recently I developed a bunion on small toe as well so I'm glad that I found this website I will be buying the small and big toe correction product from here too..
    Guest | 6/11/2019 12:21 PM
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